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Service quality

Service quality and innovation

BNP Paribas holds the ambition of becoming a banking group that stands out as a benchmark in the realm of satisfying all clients, individuals, companies and institutions alike.


The Group’s top Quality priorities are:

  • Continuous improvement in client satisfaction
  • A Quality policy that leverages corporate development
  • A highly motivated staff striving to reach such objectives


Perfectly in line with this policy, Arval has been striving to develop and enable its customers to benefit from its wide experience and know-how in the Operational Leasing of corporate vehicles; with Quality thus considered as a strategic objective.

To reach this goal, several companies of the Arval Group are ISO 9001 certified for all or part of their activities and, in accordance with the client satisfaction level, improvement processes are placed at the centre of its “Quality” strategy.

Measuring the performance of the services provided to the client has thus become essential. In a number of our entities, achieving Quality results has an impact on the variable part of employee compensation. Arval firmly intends to extend the use of this certification approach to other entities corresponding to their development and business volume.

In addition to this approach, following the example of BNP Paribas, Arval has developed a Continuous Quality Improvement (ACE) programme based on the Lean Six Sigma model, broadly developed for many years in the industrial world, and more recently in the services sector. This programme consists in conducting process optimisation projects to improve our productivity while giving full consideration to client requirements.

Both of these approaches share the aim of achieving continuous improvement to forever bring client satisfaction forward.

The need for constant innovation is one of BNP Paribas’ main assets. As a pioneer in its lines of business, it must strive to remain forever in the forefront. BNP Paribas hopes to motivate and reward innovative enterprises by creating an Innovation Prize to distinguish experts for “corporate innovation” and employees for their participation.

Arval illustrates this spirit in its launch in France and abroad (e.g. in Italy, UK, etc.) of a progressive approach to formalise and share successful initiatives and build, together with the whole of its staff, a ‘‘research and development approach’’ directed towards Client Satisfaction and Sustainable Development.

Service quality is a key priority for our clients and therefore for Arval Jiutong. Years of experience and on-going research enables us to understand key requirements, and to deliver on expectations of our processes and our people for company decision makers, fleet managers, drivers and of course the vehicle.

Arval Jiutong will continue to make on – going improvements to enhance the overall value we provide.