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Bigger Network, To Serve You Better

Bigger Network, To Serve You Better

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Arval Jiutong is striving to become your brand of reference in China, and we believe that geographical proximity is one of the keys to delivering outstanding service to our clients.  That’s why we have recently integrated five new subsidiaries to our existing network, namely Jiangsu Jiutong, Guangdong Jiutong, Wuxi Jiutong, Huai’an Jiutong and Nanjing Qingpu.


If you have colleagues based in these cities, I suggest you contact your Account Manager to discuss how Arval Jiutong can provide them with the same quality vehicle leasing service that you are enjoying today in Shanghai. Clients in Suzhou and Wuxi can from now on benefit from our short term rental service.


We are confident that we can deliver better services to you and your colleagues through our ever expanding network in China.