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Our consulting services

Arval consulting

Arval Consulting represents a laboratory constantly at the cutting edge of the optimisation of fleet management. It applies its techniques to all the tools made available to the sales teams, enabling a maximum number of clients to benefit from this approach.


Concrete, pragmatic results


Set up in 2001,Arval Consulting is a structure dedicated to advice. It is made up of a team of experts from different countries, whose sole objective is to deliver high added value services to clients, and in so doing to extend the range of services offered by Arval.


Arval Consulting starts by an in depth analysis of the client company’s current situation. It then assists in translating these general objectives into specific action points for the car fleet. Whether it is cost reduction, outsourcing, sustainable development or other elements, the experts from Arval Consulting identify avenues for improvement, then realistic solutions whose feasibility has already been calculated. These are in turn classified according to their financial impact and their ease of implementation.

The plus points

The advantages of Arval Consulting can be summed up as follows:


  • A highly experienced team, the most mature on the European market
  • A database extending to more than 600,000 vehicles in Europe
  • Guaranteed neutrality and pragmatism
  • Focus on the objectives and on the practicality of recommendations, specific to each client
  • Focus on driver satisfaction and retention
  • A complementary team profile
  • The effectiveness of the tools used and of the analysis methods