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Strong China and International Coverage

A Strong Presence in China

Arval Jiutong starts with a fleet of more than 4000 vehicles, 128 experienced talents and a strong network covering 62 cities. Equipped with the advanced management system, Arval Jiutong provides high-quality full-service vehicle leasing solutions to local and  international enterprises in China. In addition, Arval Jiutong will offer its expert advice and superior service quality to clients through its wide network across China.

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The Element-Arval Global Alliance

Arval is present in more than 50 countries and on 5 continents, in one of two ways: subsidiaries are active in 28 countries, whereas in other regions, the company relies on a network of prominent partners to meet the demands of globalisation. Its goals in each of these countries are clear: supporting customers, whether they are major international groups or small local firms, and offering them expertise advice, quality service, and full-service leasing that meets the highest international standards.

Arval answers the fleet management needs of its customers all over the world. While its own subsidiaries cover some 28 countries, Arval can also rely on a network of key partnerships through the Element-Arval Global Alliance. Present in North America, Asia-Pacific and Africa, the Element-Arval Global Alliance gathers the world’s best fleet management organisations and provides customers with the same expert advice and service quality they can expect anywhere else in the world. The Element-Arval Global Alliance operates globally more than 3 million vehicles.