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Why Arval Jiutong

Financial advantages

Operational Lease: an advantageous solution dedicated to professionals

What are the concrete advantages for you? This is an innovative solution that allows you to optimise and control your vehicle budget and save your time thanks to delegated management. Your Employees/Users benefit from comfort and peace of mind.




Optimise your accounting situation:

Optimise your accounting situation:

Your vehicles are operating expenses rather than capital expenditure. This method of financing has no impact on the structure of your balance sheet and therefore preserves your company’s financial capacity.

Summary of benefits:

  • your capital is not locked up,
  • the cost of your net equity is reduced,
  • your borrowing capacity is optimised. Your financing capacities are freed up and can be devoted to productive investments,
  • Your total vehicle rentals are fully expensed.
Plan your costs

Plan your costs accurately as the risks are transferred to the leasing company:

Leasing your vehicle allows you to benefit from a fixed monthly payment that is known in advance, throughout the duration of your contract. The contract reflects the vehicle and service packs chosen. This means there are no surprises or unforeseen cash flow impacts. By entrusting the management of your vehicle(s) to Arval Jiutong, you are also transferring all the financial risks to Arval Jiutong:

  • the risks of mechanical failure,
  • unforeseen expenses,
  • the financial risk linked to the purchase, maintenance and sales of the vehicles.
Flexibility: your contract can be adapted!

Flexibility: your contract can be adapted!

Operational Leasing allows you to adapt your contract to the actual use of your vehicle, at any time. You can change the parameters of your contract (term and/or kilometers) as many times as you wish.

Your vehicle budget is always completely aligned with the actual use of your vehicle!

Reduce your VAT:

Reduce your VAT:

As a leasing company Arval Jiutong can fully offset the VAT cost on the purchase of all vehicles used within their business. Therefore the cost of the vehicle within the rental is always excluding VAT - and this benefit Arval Jiutong passes onto the Client.

Save time

Operational Lease: an advantageous solution dedicated to professionals.

What are the concrete benefits - for you? This is a modern solution that saves you time through outsourced management and gives you peace of mind through budget control.


Save time!

We know that time is a precious asset for all entrepreneurs who are focused on their activity. Saving time helps protect your business and allows you to focus on your priorities.

By delegating the management of your vehicles or Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV's) to a single contact (Arval Jiutong), you are freed from numerous constraints but maintain complete visibility and control over your vehicles, because:


  • You outsource to Arval Jiutong the tasks and negotiation formalities with all the third parties involved (dealers, authorities, insurers, tyre fitters, etc.):
  • You are freed from the constraints of managing your vehicles and your employees/users.
  • You devote your human resource time to your business and your clients: you no longer have to manage expense claims or invoice processing and control, and you no longer have to deal with calls from drivers.
  • You benefit from the purchasing power of Arval Jiutong.


You benefit from the availability and skills of specialists who give you personal advice on your choice of vehicle and services that are tailored to your requirements, provide follow-up:


  • You have the assurance of permanent mobility,
  • You can have the control of risks related to vehicle usage policy, administrative regulation related to vehicle and employee compensation, etc.
  • You benefit from the expertise of our technicians, who check the work performed on the vehicle and the invoicing.
Comfort and flexibility

Operational Lease: an advantageous solution dedicated to professionals.

What are the concrete benefits - for you? This is a modern solution that saves you time through outsourced management and gives you peace of mind through budget control.


Offer your Employees/Users peace of mind:

Driving a new vehicle gives your employees additional satisfaction. With Operationl Lease, your vehicles are always in perfect condition and represent the image and vigour of your company. Being a tool for work, Operational Leasing makes your vehicle a means of communication and motivation.

Your employees/users gain time and can work without worries: they have optimum flexibility with no need to complete any expense claim forms for services and repairs.

Your employees/users have recent vehicles that benefit from the latest safety and comfort innovations.

You enhance your brand image through your vehicle fleet, which is frequently renewed and fully maintained. Your fleet will also comply with all the latest environmental standards.

A company vehicle addresses the key elements of Recruiting, Retaining and Motivating your employees in the very competitive human resource market in China.