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Why full-service-leasing

Operational lease: for a more efficient fleet

When you require new vehicles but don’t want to buy and own them, Operational Lease is a risk-free solution tailored to your fleet administration needs. The monthly fees are fixed which makes it ideal for budgeting.

Many organisations choose Operational Lease, as it offers an efficient way of running a fleet with none of the uncertainties and unpredictable costs of ownership.


What does Operational Lease offer you?

Operational Leasing eliminates uncertainties and provides you with a more efficient fleet:


  • Cost control - You’ll have a fixed monthly amount to pay, so that you can control your vehicle costs and improve your cash flow
  • Maintenance management - Regular servicing and maintenance is included in your monthly sum. This means you can budget ahead more easily and rely on the safety of your vehicles
  • Free up your Capital - Your cash should be invested in assets that support the growth of your company
  • Stronger financial ratios - As the vehicles are off your Balance Sheet the financial ratios of your company improve.
  • Risk Free - You can eliminate the risks on residual values and maintenance. At the end of the contract, you simply hand back the car without worrying how much it might be worth, and select a new one
  • Choice - You can select the Manufacturer, Make, Model and the services you require
  • Expert Advice - We can advise you on the most suitable vehicles, length of contract, anticipated mileage, and how long you should keep each vehicle. Our dedicated team of experts can also advise on other issues, such as legal and environmental considerations
  • Reduced Administration - We’ll remove the fleet administration burden of buying and maintaining a fleet, saving you money and allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Tax Efficient - The VAT on the car rental invoice is 100% deductible ; The car rental invoice is a 100% deductible cost for Corporate Income Tax.