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Our Leasing Products

The services we offer begin by managing all key elements of your Company Car Policy which includes:

 Fleet Funding – Operational Lease   Insurance   Tyre Management

Arval Jiutong provides you with a cost-effective and risk-free solution to finance your fleet.

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Easier budgeting (flexible and tailored)
  • Tax optimisation
  • Benefit from VAT offset
  • Eliminating any exposure to unpredictable residual values
  • Improved cash flow - reduced cash outflow
  • Off Balance Sheet - improvement of key financial ratios
  • Reduced administration
  • Strong Manufacturer relationships

By working with renowned insurance Partners, Arval Jiutong can select the suitable insurance for you on all Arval Jiutong vehicles.

  • Vehicle insurance in cooperation with Arval Jiutong’s chosen Insurance Partner
  • A dedicated team at your service
  • Reduced and controlled repair costs

Arval Jiutong proposes a flexible solution with regard to use, as reflected in your kilometers & duration.

  • Standard pricing throughout the country
  • Care taken as considered a safe priority
  • Risk on the number of Tyres required remains with Arval Jiutong
  Sale and Lease Back   Accident Management   Relief Vehicle

 Release the capital tied up in your fleet. Arval Jiutong purchases your vehicles and then  leases them back.

  • Immediate cash availability
  • Off the balance sheet
  • Improved financial ratios
  • Eliminating resale & maintenance risks
  • Effective budgeting
  • Also available to those employees who drive their own vehicle but want to come back into the company car scheme

Complete service to help you save time and reduce costs with less stress.

  • Covers accidents, incidents, theft & vandalism
  • Proactive downtime management to optimise mobility
  • Vast repair network
  • Full claim handling

Arval Jiutong can provide you with a relief vehicle when the car has been immobilized, whenever or wherever needed – you decide the time frame required

  • Less downtime to ensure driver mobility
  • Rapid implementation
  • Available in all major metros
  • Various options : Standard, Standard Plus or Immediate
  Service , Maintenance & Repair   24/7 Roadside Assistance   Pick-up and Drop

 Arval Jiutong handles preventive & corrective maintenance.

  • Car kept constantly in good condition
  • Budgeted cost  - thus reducing budget risks
  • Technical team at your disposal
  • Selected Arval Jiutong Network Partners
  • Convenient ‘Pick up and Drop’ service if required
  • Time saved in administrative tasks

Arval Jiutong assists your drivers  in case of an emergency.

  • Quick & efficient service
  • Drivers remain mobile, anywhere they are
  • Budgeted cost (cost planning & optimisation)
  • 7*24 roadside assistance overall China

Arval Jiutong ensures availability through Service Network Partner of Pick up and drop agents, every time a Service, Maintenance and Repair request is made.

  • Priority Service
  • No waiting at Dealerships
  • Car can be collected from home/office and delivered back as per the employees convenience