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Our services

Our services

Our range of products and services reflects the needs of clients of all sizes. It includes:

  Short-term Rental   Employee/User Care/Risk Management

Arval Jiutong makes its partner network available to meet your needs and ensure mobility.

  • Convenience
  • 50+ cities covered
  • Arval Jiutong Network Partners with all vehicle types
  • High quality full service
  • Ideal for new starters

Arval Jiutong will work with our Clients to support greater Employee/User Safety

  • Contribution to sustainable mobility
  • Image preserved
  • Policy decisions built with respect to driver risks
  • Reduced number of accidents
  • Full accident management services
  Employee/User Services   Reporting

Arval Jiutong takes charge of all Employee/User requests.

  • Quotes, Order, Delivery direct to User within the confines of your Company Car Policy
  • Call our dedicated Driver Contact Number to book your vehicle in for routine or emergency work
  • 'Pick up and drop’ available within your contract if chosen
  • Time saved in administrative tasks
  • Tailored to your fleet policy
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Full driver support & advice
  • 'On-line’ facility
  • Purchase of Vehicle at Contract End

Arval Jiutong provides you with all the information needed for decision-making and managing your fleet.

  • Annual fleet review if required by the client
  • Recommendations on poor Driver Behaviour
  • Kilometers adjustments within Contract Life
  • Accurate cost alignment
  • Cost Centre Management
  • Management Information to support decision making
  Sustainable Development   Chauffeur Services

Arval Jiutong provides advice on vehicle models and fuel types that supports a ‘green’ approach

  • Proven environmental responsibility
  • Improved image
  • An eco-friendly fleet policy

Available through our Network Partner

  • A selection of experienced chauffeurs
  • Constant support for training and improvement
  • Simplification of processes
  • English/Mandarin choice